- Frequently Asked Questions - 

Can you change the size for me?

No sorry, we do not under any circumstances offer size changes or custom sizes. Please DO NOT PURCHASE our templates if you require a different size or orientation for your template. Size changes are not permitted. WE DO NOT OFFER SIZE CHANGES.

Can you edit/customise a template for me?

Unfortunately, we do not offer editing services or any customisations of any type for digital files. All of our templates are DIY - to be edited by the customer. We recommend trying the demo before purchasing. Please do not purchase if you don't have a computer and you are not able to edit it yourself.

Can I use precut label sheets?

No, you cannot. We cannot guarantee that any 3rd party precut label sheets will align with the Templett downloads. You will need to use a full sheet (A4 or US Letter size) of sticker paper or cardstock and then cut out your labels/tags. If you are using a circle shape, you can purchase a 2" hole punch to cut them out easier.

I want to use a template for a different event, can I change the heading?

Please try the demo to see what parts are editable and what parts aren't. Most of our templates have fully editable text (except for a few with watercolour headings).

How do I get my files after I purchase them?

Shortly after you make your purchase, you will receive an email from Templett (not Shopify) to create a Templett account and access your files. PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK IN CASE IT HAS GONE THERE

You can access your order using your order number and email address. Please follow this link for directions: https://help.templett.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021133911-I-Don-t-Have-Access-To-My-Email

Do not use Apple ID or you will not receive them. With Apple ID, you don't provide an email address, therefore we don't have an email address to send the files to. iCloud emails are fine and this is different from an Apple ID.

Where can I print my files?

For Printing within the US we recommend https://printsoflove.com/ref/paperminx
We have been referring our customers to Prints of Love for years and have only ever heard great feedback on the quality and processing/shipping times.
Use the code: PAPERMINX10 for 10% off your order!
Your order will also include FREE white envelopes and FREE shipping.
Just download your files from Templett as single files

Our files can be printed at home, or by any local printing company. There are many places worldwide that you can print your file. The files can be downloaded as PDF or JPEGs, as a single file or with multiple per page and crop marks and bleed can be added. With so many formatting options, the files can be printed at most printing outlets.

What program do I use to edit the file?

None! All of the editing is done on the Templett website *COMPUTERS ONLY - NO PHONE EDITING*
You will get an email from them to create a free account to access your files (choose 'customer' not 'seller' account). The files are stored on the website so you can save your work and come back to edit it whenever you need.
*The Templett website can only be used on computers or laptops
**Use Google Chrome for best results (Safari & Microsoft Edge can experience issues)
***Make sure your computer has had an update recently. Computers that have not been updated in 5+ years may not be compatible with the technology

Can I edit on a mobile phone?

There is currently only LIMITED and BASIC Mobile phone editing at this stage. You will need a computer to access the full editing features. We recommend trying the demo on your phone first to see what you'll be able to edit. The demo links are in the listing descriptions. 

Can I change the colour of graphics?

This varies for each template, some can be changed and others cannot. Please follow the link to the demo of the product to check this BEFORE purchasing.
To change the colour of the graphics, got to the demo, click on the graphics, then click the Filters icon in the top toolbar (third icon from the left - looks like 3 little sliders). Then you can change the hue (colour), brightness, contrast and saturation.

Please follow these links for further instructions:

Previous Templett Users

 If you have used Templett before, you don't need to wait for the access email. Go straight to www.templett.com and log into your account and your templates will be there.