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Accessing Your Files

How To Access Your Files

Accessing Files (NEW TEMPLETT USERS)


Login Issues

I Never Got An Email From Templett

I Can't Log Into My Account

Username Or Password Is Wrong

Editing Your Files

Editing Text

Changing The Spacing Between Letters and Lines of Text

Editing Photos / Images

Adding Photos / Images + Cropping & Resizing

Changing the Colour of Graphics

Show or Hide a Layer

Background Colours

Changing the Background Colour

Do I Need Coloured Cardstock to Get a Coloured Background?

Can I Print Onto Coloured Cardstock?

Editing Questions

Can I Edit It On A Phone?

Can I Change The Size Of My Template?

I Have Accidentally Deleted My Templates, What Do I Do?

Downloading Your Files

Downloading Questions

How Can I Print Multiple Per Page?

Should I Download PDF, JPEG or PNG?

Do I Need A Bleed or Trim Marks?

When Downloading, The Bar Goes Green But Doesn't Reach The End


Printing With Us

Can You Print My File?

Printing Elsewhere

Where Do You Recommend?


Mobile Phone Editing

Can I Edit On My Phone?

I Don't Have Access To A Computer, Can You Email The Files?

Sending Via Text Or Email

Can I Send The Invitation Via Text Message or Email?

How To Get The File From Your Computer To You Phone


Refund Policy


I Can't See My Templates On Templett